Meet the Team

V Vishnu Namboothiri | Managing Director

Shri. Vishnu Namboothiri is a visionary entrepreneur involved in business activities that contribute to making the society a healthier place to live in. He strongly believes that every business exists to serve a larger, more humanitarian goal in society. His areas of expertise range from strategic business planning and finance management to retail and branding.

Endowed with 25 years of industry experience, Shri. Namboothiri has held several leadership positions and it is his integrity and strong business ethics that has won him several admirers among his peers. Indeed, it is the result of his visionary leadership that has helped Brahmins Group grow by leaps and bounds. As a responsible corporate citizen, he has set exemplary standards of ethical behaviour within the team as well as in external relationships.

Sreenath Vishnu | Executive Director

Shri. Sreenath Vishnu is an astute businessman, motivational speaker, academic prodigy and brand enthusiast with keen acumen in business expansion. Under his able leadership, Brahmins Group broke new ground in setting up multi-crore production units across India and exploring novel markets abroad.

Armed with a Masters in Business Administration, Shri. Vishnu has always been recognized for his hard work, dedication and outstanding performance. He is a great promoter of social media and strongly believes that the internet plays a key role in the growth of a brand.

Shri. Vishnu has several laurels to his credit gained over 15 years of experience in the corporate world. Over the years, he has been able to establish a global presence for the Brahmins brand across the length and breadth of India, Middle East, UK, USA, Australia and Canada. Thanks to his perseverance, Brahmins has grown to be the most trusted vegetarian brand all over the world.